Stitch Fix Support

Stitch Fix is the newest, hottest idea to hit the consumer fashion world.  For fashion-forward clients in Denver, Stitch Fix is fast, easy, and delivered to your door! Two things busy people love when it comes to shopping and figuring out what to wear.

We here at Polished think the concept is great … however it’s only one outfit at a time and Stephie finds that her clients (who have tried Stitch Fix) are left with these nagging questions:

  • How do I incorporate the new pieces from Stitch Fix into my current wardrobe? 
  • Does what Stitch Fix sent even look good on me?
  • Can I wear this outfit a different way or with different stuff?
  • Do I need to use Stitch Fix every season?
  • Is this jacket really worth $150?
  • Do I really need this expensive necklace?
  • Do these pants make my backside look cute or not? 

Fear not Denver Stitch Fix users! Polished is here to help!

When you hire Stephanie Ann Davies, she takes all the guess work out of your new Stitch Fix purchases.  When you book a Polished Closet Overhaul, she will edit your entire closet plus help you incorporate all the new Stitch Fix items. She will tell you if the new Stitch Fix items are the right fit and color for you. Stephie will show you how to wear those Stitch Fix items in different ways.  She will also tell you if it’s worth the money you are about to spend, and she definitely will tell you if you’re rocking your best backside in those jeans!! 😉 

Denver – book a Polished Closet Overhaul today with Stephanie Ann Davies and she will help you make the most out of your Stitch Fix purchases!

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