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3 for 1
Send us a picture of an item that you don't know what to wear it with and we will send you with three outfits and ways to wear it.

Let’s start with some basics.
Surprise Gift!   starting @ $99

Polished Outfit Overhaul
We'll shop in and refresh your closet with (20) new outfits and combinations you didn't know existed.

Complimentary 30 minute consult. Private Champagne Party & Surprise Gift!
starting @ $500

Polished Closet Dissection
We’ll audit your entire closet and wardrobe, create (20) new looks, and remove what's not working for you.

Complimentary 30 minute consult- Private Champagne Party & Surprise Gift!
starting @ $850

Polished Personal Shopping
We'll shop for you and find those missing pieces to complete your ultimate look.

Complimentary 30 minute consult- Private Champagne Party & Surprise Gift!
starting @ $850

Completely Polished
Overhaul + Personal Shopping + Hair and Make-up Enhancement - We'll provide you with a complete image re-fresh, wardrobe overhaul & shopping experience.

Complimentary 30 minute consult- Private Champagne Party & Surprise Gift!
starting @ $1850

Polished Monthly
Become a Polished Monthly member and you get 2 hours a month with Stephie to either go shopping or use the 2 hours at home to make more combos, and plan for upcoming events and travel!

Surprise Gift!-  $400 per Month

Polished Wedding
We help you find the perfect wedding dress as well as plan all of your amazing outfits for your week or weekend long wedding! You have enough to worry about, let Polished make you look incredible on your big day! $1000 flat rate. Complimentary 30 minute consult- 20 Combos, Private Champagne Party & Surprise Gift!
Polished In Bed
It’s as good as it sounds…wink! Contact me for more details $400 flat rate. Complimentary 30 minute consult. Champagne Party & Surprise Gift!


Hair and Make-up Enhancement- We teach you how to buy and apply a beautiful clean makeup look! We discuss your new look with top Denver hair stylists and we get you looking FLY!  We also show you the hair techniques the pros use, so you can style it yourself at home!

….. $275.00 (flat rate) Surprise Gift!


  • Closet overhaul and edit. Polished will remove what’s not working for you, and create new looks with your old clothes you never thought to out together.
  • Take all clothing to be donated
  • Closet is now tamed and organized
  • Keep track of key pieces that need to be added to complete wardrobe
  • Shopping (with or without Polished) to find those missing pieces and/ or add more to wardrobe
  • Create 20 “go to” looks” so you know what to wear in a flash
  • Text Polished for advice and is free for clients
  • Beauty help hair cut/ color, makeup etc.
  • Personal look book
  • Event and travel help

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