About Stephie

Based in Denver, Colorado, Polished is a personal style consultancy owned by actress, model, and stylist, Stephanie Ann Davies. Stephanie is originally from Los Angeles, California and her clients have covered a wide range of age, gender, and demographics — from children to celebrities, athletes, TV personalities, and successful CEOs. Whatever wardrobe styling you’re looking for, Stephanie will help you reach your potential and find that wow factor in your look.

Stephanie Ann Davies specializes in styling both male and female clients.

If there’s one thing she knows, it’s how to look eye-catching in any situation. Stephanie is extremely passionate about keeping up with trends and customizing them to personal looks. From ultra modern and contemporary to classic style, Stephanie Ann Davies  has impeccable knowledge of all aspects of fashion as an artist with an excellent eye for color, patterns and proportion.

Polished covers all aspects of style including:​

  • Overhauling your closet and getting rid of what’s not working for you (but keeping what is)
  • Taking you shopping to find better pieces to add to your wardrobe or shopping for you (if you’re overly busy or simply don’t want to go by yourself)
  • Makeup consultation for the ladies
  • And most importantly, client privacy and discrete consultation

And if you’re open to it…

  • New hair style and appearance
  • Stephanie has a natural ability to help people find their “Best Look” and she simply loves making people feel confident and attractive!
  • Whether you’re just starting to date, beginning a new job, new to Denver, want to impress your clients, you’re getting married or you simply need a change

Stephanie Ann Davies will make you look POLISHED.

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